12 thoughts on “Handpay! Montezuma Slot Machine! Jackpot! Mega Spins!

  1. This deserved a re visit June 2014
    such an epic win.
    To inspire me to hit a dream monster amount of spins like that since the online launch 🙂
    Id be happy with just 8 small spins on 10 x as long as I can get a full screen of the guy in blue haha.can dream but always possible 🙂

  2. You have the best luck doing minimum, how come you never bet higher? I bet max ALL the time no matter how much I have to play with!!!

  3. My theory is, whether you're spending $20 or $200, bet big and hope for the best. That way you don't spend a lot of time at the casino. I ALWAYS BET BIG WHEN I PLAY. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't. That's why they call it gambling 🙂

  4. And that's ok too , a lot of people I see only go there just to have fun and put the day in… I guess I'm a little too greedy lol

  5. Had same thing yesterday betting 2.00 instead of .80.. kept retriggering at 10x but spins didn't pay like I thought they would.. got only about 1500 dollars but over 100 spins.

  6. We hAve it here for online casinos in the UK – when it goes on a roll with the 10x free spins you know you are onto a great win and the most I've won is £4,233.65 – massive win on a £1.50 stake!

    But when it isn't in the mood, it really doesn't play fair and can really suck, which is mainly 98% of the time, sadly…

    Excellent win though, so well done!

  7. Same thing happened to me yesterday re-trigger, re-trigger, etc. My new favorite machine, $451 on a $1.60 bet

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