11 thoughts on “High Limit Money storm bonus round slot machine MEGA BIG WIN!

  1. Lo mejor de este video es que el juego era de un dolar, y no de centavos de dolar.

  2. Takes a lot of cheek to call a $426 win on a $20 bet – which is less than 22X your bet – a "MEGA BIG WIN!". Kind of like calling the thumbs down click I'm about to give you a "MEGA BIG THUMBS DOWN!!!!"

  3. Nice win!!  I just subscribed.  Check out and subscribe to my channel!!  Headersbetter

  4. you guys are jerks. that is a big win and a lucky one. he was doing one line times one. $1 he hit the bonus on the first payline and got that he wasnt betting $20 a spin. geeeeeez. i got your back dvandentop

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