How To Build A Mega Jackpot Slot Machine v3.0 [Minecraft Bedrock Edition]

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This is a full tutorial on how to build a mega jackpot slot machine casino game in your minecraft bedrock edition survival world. The good thing about this version, even though its a bit bulkier than my others, is that the every aspect of the odds is customizeable.

From the odds, of winning, to the duration of the prize output, the the prize and amount of prizes. Its all open to being customized.

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How To Build A Mega Jackpot Slot Machine v3.0 [Minecraft Bedrock Edition]

12 thoughts on “How To Build A Mega Jackpot Slot Machine v3.0 [Minecraft Bedrock Edition]

  1. I have also just uploaded a slot machine on mcpedl but its not as customizable as your design but the odds are totally customizable. I have just submitted it if they do post it you should check it. It's pretty compact for me as it took me a lot time to built it and as always you shocked me by how compact still this contraption is and as always awesome video. 😃

    (By the way my contraption does not have a proper input. The input is just a button.)

  2. It didn’t work…took me half an hour and it doesn’t work for bedrock edition nor does it work for pocket edition

  3. 🔴Mini Games Playlist:

  4. Nothing empties into the first double chest because of the Redstone torch under the hopper

  5. i dont think it works anymore, tbh.. its a casino, aint a casino if it aint rigged 😉

  6. Hey usually everything you build i build on xbox bedrock and it works but this one is not working everytime the piston moves i hear the click but nothing gets shot out and i dont even hear the extended clicks like in your video

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