31 thoughts on “Huge Win!!! $2.50 Bet On Pompeii Original Slot

  1. Way to go Fred! You know I always love your work on Pompeii………the great thing about the older version is that you can bet higher per game than on the Wonder Four versions…the downside is no symbol stacking! Speaking of that…have you ever seen the dolphins stack? I never have, and I'm thinking that doesn't exist.

  2. Great video! That x2 Dolphin hit would have been…$7200 if it was in the bonus, right?! Wowsers! Still a great trip!

  3. Mantap nih game gua sering di kasih JP main di situs ini dewagg.com/?ref=vetugo alhamdulillah modal receh wd gede terus😃😎😎

  4. HOLY AMAZEBALLS FRED, you're on FIRE lately!!! 🔥🎰🔥🎰🔥 What a INCREDIBLE run!!! 🐬🌕💲💵💲🌕🐬 I'd say THAT should've earned you n the lil lady one heck of an AMAZING dinner, a fancy desert n a cpl drinks too!!! 😅🍴🍧🍷🍸😋 CONGRATS on yet another FANTASTIC session!!! 💰🍀💰🍀💰 Stay well!! 😷💕 🍓Teresa🙋

  5. Amazing wins . I love love love Pompeii. My local has several machines, some have a max bet of $2.00 and a couple max bet if $5.00.
    Congrats on a great session!!

  6. Wow some really great hits. Once it got hot, it was HOT. Congratulations sweetie🌷🌷🌷

  7. Ayo daftar disini dewagg.net/?ref=ocay57 banyak promo ada bonus cashback tiap minggunya dan bonus rolling tiap harinya banyak game juga yang bisa di mainkan mulai dari game SLOT-POKER-ESPORT DLL.

  8. You and these 5 coin triggers! Congratulations my friend! Do you still prefer the original Pompeii over the new version they just brought out?

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