**HUGE WIN** CHINA SHORES 4x5x5x5x4 Slot – *SLOT STORIES* – Slot Machine Bonus

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**HUGE WIN** China Shores 5x4x4x5 Slot – *SLOT STORIES* – Slot Machine Bonus

What can I say about China Shores? Nothing but good things – haha. Today, we are working with something worthy of a slot story. I tell the story in the video…so, I won’t totally spoil things…just let’s say…the story ends very well when I preview the 2nd half at a later time. Check out the ending for what is to come. I hope you all enjoy the slot machine bonus feature. Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, like, subscribe, share, and tweet. Your support is always appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


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**HUGE WIN** CHINA SHORES 4x5x5x5x4 Slot – *SLOT STORIES* – Slot Machine Bonus

40 thoughts on “**HUGE WIN** CHINA SHORES 4x5x5x5x4 Slot – *SLOT STORIES* – Slot Machine Bonus

  1. Also mike one time I was playing this game and one 800 plus 1200 on fifty cent it was the last time I won but it was fun

  2. We have this in 2 cents at one of our locals. Potential is insane but I have no clue where the lines are. Nice hit on 0.50 cents!

  3. Wow, with 90 credits left, what's a guy to do, right Mike? Well let's hit 50 cents and see….BAM! That machine gave it back to you in a big way, congrats…looks like more is on it's way too…wow!

  4. This could be like some twilight zone ****. The game that never ended!!!lol With it saying 1600+ when you checked it the 1st time I wonder if you would have got another 800 retrigger if you finished it out. Its funny with all that action it wasn't a handpay!!!!

  5. My mom did this exactly with a max bet of like 2.50. Took an hour and a half to use all the games and the payout was $2400. She did it less than a month ago.

  6. You're playing the 100 lines so it's 800 spins. A full screen is 1500 spins, that's more than a full screen in China Shores extra rewards and China Shores double winnings. Congrats on you're win.

  7. Guinness Book of how many spins,lol…over 1,000 spins WOW !!!!!!ย  that was fun!!!

  8. Sweet money coming your way. I can only think of what the payout would have been at max bet. Like me, you are grateful for any win. Thank you for sharing your video

  9. What happened man? Usually your good for a few videos a week, did you make enough to retire on this last hit?

  10. Wow Mike, what a incredible amount of free wins and a fabulous win too!

  11. So that was on the 3rd and now it's the 10th….where's the next part???????? Should unsubscribe for making us wait like this. That's just EVIL…..

  12. No buddy I was only asking what happened to the full screen like 800 games on China shores video? Was really excited to see what happens there, I'm really happy with all the content u post up. Especially u, I think you're videos or awesome and I feel like im right there hoping for a huge jackpot for u like it was for myself. Always rooting for u man. Hopefully that video is up soon looked exciting that's all I was trying to say๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  13. Awesome hit. I can't wait to see part 2. I have a feeling it's going to make part 1 look like chump change.

  14. I can't wait to crack up like a 2.8 million dollar when on the Mega Millions machine Yahoo or who you are bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep

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