HUGE WIN! Mystical Unicorn Slot machine Bonus win

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This is Mystical Unicorn slot machine super cool bonus win. I had 10 free spins which retriggered twice before mega win happened. Hard game with nice end. this video recorded on HD cam but for some reason it didnt come out HD..

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HUGE WIN! Mystical Unicorn Slot machine Bonus win

12 thoughts on “HUGE WIN! Mystical Unicorn Slot machine Bonus win

  1. Ive never even sniffed a hit like that on any of the g+ deluxe games and u have like 50 of them! Nice job

  2. The ONLY thing I don't like about these games is it's either Unicorns or Bust.  Like they might as well just put blanks on the other symbols, so you either hit a Unicorn or a blank.  Has anyone ever gotten a screen of maidens?  LOL   That said, Blue, the unicorns were really trying to come around for you.  I think 5-6 different times, you were one RNG off from another near-full screen.  That 4th reel just wouldn't cooperate mostly.  Great vid!

  3. What are you feeding these unicorns to make them align so well so often!???! 🙂 congrats on another nice mega!

  4. Congrats on another amazing win Blue! I tried this exact machine the other day and napoleon next to it and they were terrible. I won nothing at all. Have you tried the masquerade one on the other side lately? That one seemed to be hitting quite often.

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