HUGE WIN on Temple of Treasure Megaways Slot – £4 Bet

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HUGE WIN on Temple of Treasure Megaways Slot – £4 Bet

12 thoughts on “HUGE WIN on Temple of Treasure Megaways Slot – £4 Bet

  1. Wow your on a roll at the minute keep it up hope it continues for u an your family good start to the year xx

  2. "this game is amazing"… no man.. almost every game can be amazing.. you just got a good bonus.. i won 18€ on a 5€ bonus on bonanza.. i wanna hear you sayin.. oh this game is amazing.. when it drops a bonus like that.. then you are crying "**** hell no" hahhahaha😂😂😂

  3. You know what this machine did to me yesterday.
    Had 15 free spins on 10000 megaways drove the multiplier up to 30 when i got to the last spin.
    Reels 2/3/4/5/6/ contained top symbol reel 2 contained 2 topsymbol , reel 3 contained 1 topsymbol. reel 4 and 5 and 6 contained 3 topsymbol each.
    Get a little win on 3 tens on reel 123 and it didnt drop my top symbol in on reel 1. Disgusting i still feel sick today.
    Would have been my win of the year.
    Still walked away with 341. but that definetly would have added a zero at the end of mij win.

  4. I got £240 on 10p stake on this game it's got crazy potential but it's too hard to bonus and doesn't pay the same when you buy the feature

  5. how many years I play in this casum Casumo has never given such a win. I played and 10 pounds only in vain I lost money

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