I Like ’em Bigger… MEGA BIG! Slot Machine Big Win Bonus Rounds With SDGuy!

Mega Win YouTube Video Information:

Casino Realness & Fun Shit with SDGuy – I Like ’em Bigger – Episode 52

LIVE Slot Machine PLAY on:
Lucky Meerkats
Silver Sword
Monopoly Up, Up and Away
Day of the Dead
Sacred Guardians
Gods and Titans
Filthy Rich: Shakin Bacon
Wonder Wings

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I Like ’em Bigger… MEGA BIG! Slot Machine Big Win Bonus Rounds With SDGuy!

12 thoughts on “I Like ’em Bigger… MEGA BIG! Slot Machine Big Win Bonus Rounds With SDGuy!

  1. Airplane is the one game that actually pays me well , no hand pay yet but one day.

  2. The first "I like em big" episode is my favorite episode so I couldnt wait for this one! Do they have Filthy Riches in a $1 denom? That could be zesty as hell! 🙂

  3. A casino can fine you, they have no legal standing to fine you. All they can do is throw you out…….. Why not buy spy glasses or stick a gopro in a cup and pop a hole in it…. no hassle then.

  4. OMG mind your business BIATCH!!!!!! Why you worried about me getting a fine gosh 😠

  5. Nice wins, that lady sounded like a nut job, and shouldn't the airplan bonus have multiplied your Otto bonus where he got $54 instead of the $30 seat? I've never had a bonus on Airplane where Otto was the highest with a gold ticket so I'm not sure but I've seen it multiply snack bonuses and the one with the 3 odometer gauges. Just was curious.

  6. On the game Gods and Titan did u notice the bonus symbol vs the free spins?  Bet the bonus is more zesty than the free spins.  Give it another go girl.

  7. I think it's sweet how every thing reminds you of Brent, sounds like someone is in loooooooooooooooove 🙂

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