I Won On A $13,000,000 Megabucks Slot Machine! (At Circus Circus Las Vegas 🎰 🤡)

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Watch me play a Megabucks slot machine at Circus Circus Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip.

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I Won On A $13,000,000 Megabucks Slot Machine! (At Circus Circus Las Vegas 🎰 🤡)

40 thoughts on “I Won On A $13,000,000 Megabucks Slot Machine! (At Circus Circus Las Vegas 🎰 🤡)

  1. Please slow down your spins. It’s hard to see what you got when you go fast. Lately your videos have been kind of boring because you never talk to us. You gotta talk to your audience. You are either quiet or just talk to Greta. I feel like I’m standing behind you evesdropping.

  2. Do you guys not read your comments or take recommendations? Not being rude, just honestly curious!?

  3. Hey I saw the big money big money no whammy stop slot machine behind you it's the TV show can you play that one on a video please

  4. Great session guys…Good luck on your next session. Win big big Money 💰 🤑 my new slots friend.

  5. I was at the Cosmo last night every machine I went on I won literally I need to start ma own gambling channel

  6. I knew they didn't win it. They made the title collected the views and called it good. Deceptive at its finest. Well you got Me Too! I clicked on it. GOTTEM.🥶

  7. didnt enjoy the click bait …. was rooting for you both to get it…ugh love the hotel reviews but this wasted my time i work 12 to 14 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week. Love what you do but not when it eats my time..

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