12 thoughts on “IGT – $5 Triple Diamond WOF Slot Machine ~HANDPAY~JACKPOT~HUGE WIN~

  1. Was your child mad that you used their Fisher Price Camera to film this?

  2. I wish people would STOP rubbing on the slot machine's screen! It DOES NOT help! All you do is look rather pitiful and stupid!!!!

  3. these machines are not freeform..they are controlled.. it should be illegal to control the machines

  4. Man who's the negative guy in the background that screams "you still gotThe check old Lady?' If he would shut up maybe ppl would enjoy it more.

  5. Looks like the carousel near the hotel check-in and the high roller room. They've revamped that section over the years. The first generation of Double Diamond Wheel of Fortune was very kind to my sweetheart and me. I've never asserted that I was ahead on any slot except with those DD WoF machines in '07 through '09.

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