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We decided to do some $50,000 bonus buys on Madame Destiny Megaways slot from Pragmatic Play and this happened…

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We are an online slots streaming channel based on Twitch. We take pride in having the most positive community and take responsible gambling extremely seriously. In our videos, we often compile some of our Twitch highlights, our biggest wins on online casinos and slots, and our funniest moments. 
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It is important to understand that the big jackpot wins, mega wins, and the insane online gambling experience shown in our YouTube videos are highlights from hours worth of Twitch stream, and may not depict reality. Therefore, gamble responsibly, and be aware of your actions.


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39 thoughts on “INSANE $2,500,000 MAX WIN ON MADAME DESTINY MEGAWAYS!!

  1. I am following you guys since the very first months when you played on 5€ stakes and I which I would not have left Malta otherwise I would have stalked and blackmailed you with Joe's naked photos until you hire me (not even as a streamer) Kappa! It's so cool that you stay humble and just keep and giving for your company and the community. And what an amazing chance you gave Gerogi so far he became my favorite steamer. From a taxi driver to an awesome entertainer! Hope some day I will be able to not just support you through the steam but as a part of the company! And even if not, I'll support you all the way!

  2. This whole session was INSAAAANE!! Literally hit max win 2 minutes after Jonte says he doesn’t hit max wins too 😂 let’s goooo beefgang!

  3. WARNING!! Be careful guys.. only streamer have a link with casino can hit like this 😂😂 dont gambling. You will lose everything.

  4. I can remember when they first started at 2euros a spin seriously!!! Anyone else struggling to believe it?

  5. Imagine this on max bet honestly this game has been such a letdown for a while good job guys

  6. Let's play the casino, subscribe to my channel and activate the bell to receive all new

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  8. Бля ну и клоуны сколько играл в этот слот ни разу не видел ретригер а тут такую клоунаду показать что не на одну жопу не натянешь

  9. GOOD LUCK KAK . gas terus biar bisa memang jp semangat para sloter wajib coba in di 🔰 HeyLink🆁🅾🅽🅸🅽19 🔰 profitnya gada abis abis yu Jagan mikir terus bos ku langsung gass aja bos Ayo dapatkan cashback promo promo lain atau ledakan sensational untuk jakcpot ledak ledak setiap bet di ♛ ☯ 🆁🅾🅽🅸🅽19 ☯ ♛

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