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Mic messed up but was some good clips.

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Most people gamble for fun and enjoyment. However, some people think of gambling as a way to make money, spend more than they can afford, or use gambling to distract themselves from everyday problems. Following these tips can help you to gamble more safely:

1. Don’t think of gambling as a way to make money
2. Only gamble with money you can afford to lose
3. Set a money limit in advance
4. Set a time limit in advance
5. Never chase your losses

18+, If you feel like you need more help, please visit

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  1. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine empr.ONLINE Brünette und eine anderel Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

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