12 thoughts on “**JACKPOT?** BUFFALO STAMPEDE slot machine HUGE MEGA BIG WIN

  1. Wow!  It just stuck there … but a really nice win!  I feel like Aristocrat did a heck of a good job with this one!  I was never a player of the original, but I like the remake.

  2. in Feb 2014 at sam's town vegas, I hit 598000 credits, with max bet.  the machine next to buffet….about 50 free spins…but the big hit was 9000 x 54….basically a bunch of buf in screen, and then the stampede came along and added one each.

    I didn't take video..because i was nervous…but i did take a pic of the final win shot..when waiting for service person to pay.

  3. My idea of the best kind of Jackpot! just under the W-2G limit! Skips the messy paperwork.

  4. Damn man. You had me sweating it there being that close to the $1200 tax threshold. You won more at that amount than say at $1218. Congrats on the win!!!!

  5. Nice, ****ing penny snatchers couldn't get their grubby little fingers on your win.  Good show 🙂

  6. Sometimes I wish I was a penny slot player instead of the craziness I have done in life!

  7. Lol as I was watching this I was thinking about the taxes.. In Michigan that's like 300 bucks.. No way! I always tell them. What if I don't make it till the end of the year. Lol nice win!

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