**JACKPOT HANDPAY** DRAGON’S LAW SLOT – 1 of 3 – HUGE WIN! – Slot Machine Bonus

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**JACKPOT HANDPAY** DRAGON’S LAW SLOT – 1 of 3 – HUGE WIN! – Slot Machine Bonus

As promised … I present to you 1 of 3 JACKPOT HANDPAY’S on Dragon’s Law Slot Machine. My Christmas came really early in December with the BIG SLOT WINS and the three JACKPOT HANDPAY’S on this slot. I had an awesome run on this particular night and left the casino with 10K. It was AMAZING! I’m trying to milk this as long as possible…as I haven’t had any wins this year that have warranted me to go in the High Limit Room. However, on my next BIG or HUGE SLOT win, I will be back. I hope you enjoy this slot Jackpot. Part 2 and 3 are larger than this one and I will be showing them in due time…so, please stay tuned. Remember to thumbs up, favorite, like, subscribe, tweet and share. Your and support is always appreciated. Thank You. Happy Easter and Enjoy 🙂


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**JACKPOT HANDPAY** DRAGON’S LAW SLOT – 1 of 3 –  HUGE WIN! – Slot Machine Bonus

12 thoughts on “**JACKPOT HANDPAY** DRAGON’S LAW SLOT – 1 of 3 – HUGE WIN! – Slot Machine Bonus

  1. Awesome Win!! Your video almost restores my hopes in this game….I personally have never won anything good on these Dragon Games…but awesome win for you!! 🙂 🙂

  2. That was really great! That's the kind of night I had the weekend before Easter. Wish I could have more nights like that.

  3. Wtg, Casinomannj! All those line hits were great. Hope you start getting some jackpots in 2016.

  4. Damn dude you were tearing that game up! Glad you had a great nice. Super hits. Grats man.

  5. I can't believe I missed this on the release date! Still I'm glad I watched today 🙂 awesome line hits and a beauty of a hand pay! #HeyBigSpender lol

  6. Actually I don't !!! What I'm saying is you could have done a lot better for 22 dollars!!! Man everyone with their channels can't except any kind of criticism!!!! Do you have a problem with me giving you my opinion? Well u probably do all you want to see is Awesome,Amazing, etc. etc

  7. First I've been watching you're channel for years and you know that!!! I don't need to use other names !! So if I have a channel you would feel better about what I said ?! Oh well it's obvious you don't care about you're subscribers!!!! BTW I did say it was a nice win,maybe you had a bad day when I posted my comment..

  8. lol love the laughs you got me crying this morning I'm trying to watch all your videos keep it up

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