12 thoughts on “***JACKPOT HANDPAY*** MEGA BIG WIN 18x – $2.50 BET on TIMBER WOLF DELUXE Slot Machine

  1. That was a Kuri style Timber Wolf! Wow!! Congrats to them!! Nice going on the Asia games, she moved properly, but the paytables is low!

  2. lol, I'm from Minnesota as well, didn't think Little Six ever payed out a whole lot

  3. only jackpot i ever hit was on timber 250 bet hit a full screen of wolves. great hit man

  4. Very nice. I've always been skeptical of going into little six but now I know you can actually hit a decent jackpot there

  5. Garbage.. You title the video timberwold yet theres barely a minuite of content in a 15 min video.. pathetic..

  6. LOL Extra Cash is so tricky. Saying twenty five hundred dollars instead of twenty five dollars. I can see folks getting extra excited thinking it was $2500 instead of $25. 🙂 Excellent Timber Wolf win.

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