12 thoughts on “JACKPOT Huge Win Wizard of Oz Slot Machine Glinda Bonus Spin

  1. Sweeet! Thanks for posting, Our local casino took out all of the WOZ machines. What a bummer.

  2. lol..that's funny.."i'm going to be paying taxes"…yeah it would be great if we can win this amount but just accumulate tickets,,500 here,300 there..lol

  3. Hey Steve! Good hit man! I got that exact same pattern hit a couple days ago on this machine, except I lowered my bet down from $2.00 to 40 cents and got the ruby slipper bonus. got this pattern of Wilds with the Oz group and 5x multiplier and won $400.00. when those symbols lined up, I thought back to this video and realized that had I gotten the bonus on $2.00, I'd have gotten this handpay amount too.

    I'm not giving up though. One day I am going to have a great handpay on this machine yet! 

  4. Maybe you can win sometimes, but its a waste of your life to spend time with this thinking youll get rich one day guys!!!

  5. How do you call an attendant? Is there is a button or do they just come to you?

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