JACKPOT STREAMS | Konami – Progressive Jackpot Wins! Slot Machine Bonus

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Jackpot Streams bonus feature from Konami. This extra slot machine bonus feature is triggered randomly but requires an extra 50 cents (on top of your base game bet) to be eligible for play. You can see where all the jackpot prizes are positioned on the coin board before you play the machine. Obviously, you would want to play when the crown (Maxi jackpot) or teddy bear (Mega jackpot) are close to the edge of the board. In this video, I had 3 shots at the teddy bear. Played the first one off a Dynasty Riches machine and the last 2 off a China Shores machine. Did I get my teddy?

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JACKPOT STREAMS | Konami – Progressive Jackpot Wins! Slot Machine Bonus

19 thoughts on “JACKPOT STREAMS | Konami – Progressive Jackpot Wins! Slot Machine Bonus

  1. I played this about 2 weeks ago at The Borgata and only lit up on Jackpot Slot which I've never seen happen. The crown was WAY in the back but as I looked at the screen, nothing was close to the slot I lit up except the Crown. I kept saying to myself it'll never happen but about 5 minutes later, BAM! Maxi Jackpot. Really great extra feature for a game

  2. Nicely done! ! Interesting I noticed $2 bet gave you mini jackpot wins and the teddy bear was on 80c
    Fun feature to watch. Vegas low roller in past months made it look too easy to win the red crown that vid hehe.

  3. Lol that was funny. So my question is if you can see what's coming on screen, do these games vulture friendly? I can see people just waiting for top prize come close by.

  4. Very nice win Albert. You were determined to get that Teddy. Glad it worked out for you. Thanks for sharing. Congrats.

  5. that game reminds me of when i worked at fun factory in hawaii..people would pour tokens into those same pusher machines to get a 20.00 bill puck..lol

  6. Nice!  You got what you wanted.  Only tried this once and never triggered the feature.  Maybe worth a shot in the future.

  7. Awesome win Albert and on an 80 cent bet.  This game reminds me of those old arcade games when you would have to put a quarter in the machine and then watch the coin push out your prize.  A person could lose a lot of money that way, but I guess going to the casino is no different (Lol). 🙂

  8. I gave it a try because the teddy bear was in the right position, but I couldn't trigger the bonus, so I gave up.  Congrats on hitting your goal – that was awesome!

  9. I really like this add on.  Glad you finally got it!  How often do you think this came up?  1:100?  1:200?

  10. I see what you mean about having a history with this game. Glad you finally got the Teddy bear. Ever hit the top jackpot?

  11. I hit the Mega Jackpot yesterday for $828! I had just put $20 into the machine and got the bonus after my 3rd spin. Walked away real fast.

  12. Nice vid!!Gave ya a sub and a like. Just started my slot channel last week. I have chased that crown so many times,,,lol

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