Jungle Wild III HUGE MEGA BIG WIN Almost 1200x WMS 5¢ Slot Machine

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Omg finally an awesome line hit on Jungle Wild III. This machine was so tight I don’t even know why I kept playing it lol. Even with all the lousy bonuses and no wins at all I kept going and going until I hit this. I was hoping on a progressive to trigger but I guess they weren’t close enough. Barely missed the jackpot too. Happy Birthday to me 🙂

WMS Jungle Wild III G+ Deluxe
5¢ Denomination – 20 Lines x 1 Credit Per Line = $1.00 Bet

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Jungle Wild III HUGE MEGA BIG WIN Almost 1200x WMS 5¢ Slot Machine

25 thoughts on “Jungle Wild III HUGE MEGA BIG WIN Almost 1200x WMS 5¢ Slot Machine

  1. I enjoyed watching that win. Well done, thanks for sharing and I enjoy your post because you play more than penny machines I know it's still a dollar but it's a dollar on a nickel machine and to me that's so much more exciting than 3 dollars on a penny machine that folks have beat the crap out of. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow that's amazing! It wasn't even in the bonus round where you already have 2 rows of wilds given to you, awesome hit congratulations ! 🙂

  3. Actually no taxes 233.20 X 5 is 1166 very very close though, nice bet we only have penny wms G+ games at MGM Detroit 🙁

  4. nah i believe it. i hear people complaining they get nothing for hours on these machines, then something like this happens lol. (o wait, i just got it LOL)

  5. Awesome hit! Nice to see a good win on this. I rarely see the bonus triggered on this. Congrats!

  6. This is great! I NEVER see these machines hit at my local casino and I do play it every now and then but I always low bet on them b/c they never hit anything…but this was AWESOME for htis machine!

  7. I love this hit – for those of us that play it, we know how hard it is to get so many wilds during a base game spin. Incredible!

  8. he was betting 20 coins a line but its a 5c machine so he was betting 1 dollar and won well over $1000 dollars

  9. why does every one think he was betting 20 pennies he was betting $1 its a 5c machine. nice hit by the way….

  10. Nice hit. And just under $1200, to keep the IRS out of it. I've hit jackpots right at or just a few dollars over $1200, which is very frustrating. Nothing like waiting 45 minutes to get your handpay while a repetitive "jackpot song" burns into your memory, then tip the slot attendant and pay the state tax without being able to write off your loses against it. Too bad slots don't have a "Reduce WIn to $1199" button – I'd use it on any jackpot below $1400.

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