KING OF AFRICA slot machine BONUS BIG WINS (2 videos)

Mega Wins YouTube Video Information:

This is WMS gaming King of Africa slot machine two bonus rounds with full screen MEGA BIG WIN. (2 videos).

I only play this game if i have a trip since my local doesn’t have it and I’m glad it works out once awhile. For some reason I get excited playing this one compare to Mystical Unicorn.

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KING OF AFRICA slot machine BONUS BIG WINS (2 videos)

24 thoughts on “KING OF AFRICA slot machine BONUS BIG WINS (2 videos)

  1. I'd like to show a few people that you don't have to best the machine to win… lol.. I like this one but prefer mystical unicorn… congrats

  2. Awesome, never really had luck on this one, but haven't played it much either, congrats!

  3. Nice to see the lions back Blue! But I hope the unicorns didn't read your video description LOL 🙂

  4. Awesome hits! I only hit a full screen on Mystical Unicorn one time ever and oddly enough my mom did the same thing on the same machine! BTW, I hate to mention this and it's probably been brought before, how does that touch screen malfunction like that? I've seen this WMS machines like but don't know how that happens, just curious.

  5. Gua ada lotre terbaru nih, cmn tebak warna doang gua udah withdraw 65juta modal 300rb aja ,linknya udah gua share d yt gua makasih

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