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New year! Old Kronos! This is Wms gaming Kronos slot machine super huge big bonus win. Recorded after retrigger.
You will be hearing my opera singer friend. He might do my big win voice celebrations on game chest multi-game cabinet. 🙂 Enjoy.

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12 thoughts on “KRONOS slot machine HUGE MEGA BIG WIN BONUS!

  1. Awesome win Blue. Such s tough game. Glad you got something nice on this one. Congrats.

  2. No surprise…new year, same huge wins for you!  Congrats Blue!  

  3. Wow, fantastic win. It's funny how it ended up coming out to exactly $1,000. Happy New Year Blue, keep winning and keep singing 

  4. Happy New Year. Now that is a nice win . Better than a hand pay where you have to pay Uncle Sam his share of your winnings. Good luck to you and win win win

  5. If your friend brings you that kind of luck, I'd have him singing more often….Does he do recordings ? I might be interested in buying one…For the luck I mean….LOL !!!!

  6. I sure hope you didn't fall for the pay the taxes scheme. NEVER and I mean NEVER should you pay taxes on wins. Why? Because you should be able to easily claim losses against it. Here is what I would do if I were you. DO NOT let them take taxes out EVER and hold onto 20% of the win for the year in an account or whatever. At the end of the year get a win/loss report and then you should be able to claim losses against your win and spend the money free and clear. Your win/loss report at the casinos will tell you if you need to pay or not or how much. I have NEVER paid taxes EVER. My wife won $115,000.00 in 47 jackpots 2 years ago in Arizona and Nevada. Even though she had a 30,000 win at one casino she had losses at others and so did I and we off set it. I have been telling people for YEARS unless you hit the mega millions or something. Don't pay the taxes up front to the darn casino whatever you do. That's just a steal they try to con you into.

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