40 thoughts on “Man wins a jackpot 🍀🎰🐉🐲💥 #casino

  1. U got to lose a $1mil toutlook win $15k not bad keep playing maybe you can recover your loses or double your loses lmao😂😂😂 talking from experience -retired gambler

  2. That’s it? My biggest win ever was $768k progressive. My wife and I went and we weren’t even at the place for 5 minutes. 12 spins in and then kaboom. The whole damn casino came over to us. Took the casino 35 mins to count the cash and we went on our way with security to our car.

  3. People want privacy in a public place. Unless they are trying leech money off you they're just hoping you win. Pandemic fked y'all up keep your asses home if you can't handle people😂😂😂😂😂

  4. This is my home casino. That guy hits big ALL of the time. $14k is just getting his money back. I watched him hot like$70k

  5. Whenever I hit a high amount I HATE people congratulating me touching my shoulders, arms, yuck!!

  6. Thats why when i win big I'm gonna stay quiet don't want people to know i won big. This might get people to follow you and rob you at some point if you broadcast it

  7. i walk by plenty of jackpots usually while winner is waiting for the handpay, and say something like "sweet!" or "nice!" or "that's how to do it!" and they scowl at me and don't say a word. dix

  8. That's so annoying why y'all standing around him like some vultures?
    Let the man win in peace unless yall with him or he invited you all to stand behind him (which i highly doubt)
    There's nothing more annoying than gambling finally getting a win and having half the floor standing behind you.
    At least take a seat somewhere in the back and watch quietly…… or don't worry about other people and worry about your own wins? 😁

  9. I hit a huge jackpot but nobody stood around me, they probably scared cause i dress like a G..

  10. Are you sure somebody want something because it damn sure doesn't appear that way

  11. At a certain point I turn my volume down. Bad enough your neighbors are looking at you 👀

  12. This is my pet peeve and I literally just stop playing, make phone calls or do other things. It's like go and play your own machine and try winning instead of standing around looking at me. Ugh!

  13. I wish I was able to put $15,000 in a machine and bet $50 a spin

  14. Everyone watching you hates you because they want to win instead. They're jealous and salty, not happy for you.

  15. Who doesn't hate that **** whenever people just stand there and watch don't be one of them people

  16. They know before who will win jackpot…
    entertaining number One video 😂😂😂

  17. I freaking hate looky-loos. Even when you’re only playing minimum amounts. “Is my $1 – $2 a spin that entertaining to you? I’m sorry you lost all your money and your casino bus doesn’t leave for another 3 hours, but move along please.” 😆 Sometimes I’ll even stop playing and just turnaround and stare at them, make it all kinds of awkward. 😂

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