Mayan Chief Slot Tons of Spins HUGE WIN #1

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Day 2 on Mayan Chief Xtra Rewards by Konami
Yesterday this machine payed off a little so I went back to try again.
Edited because it was too damn long to film lol
Lower your speakers the slot is next to the live band section, enjoy!

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Mayan Chief Slot Tons of Spins HUGE WIN #1

12 thoughts on “Mayan Chief Slot Tons of Spins HUGE WIN #1

  1. Most people don't show the top portion of the machine or how much it paid. I like to see it. Thx

  2. i have only seen these machines give off lots of spins on low bets because there is not much of a payout…. if you were to bet big you would never ever get those spins…. nice win

  3. Muy buen bonus, voy a ver si hoy martes 13 cambia mi suerte y juego por primera vez a esta mayan chief..

  4. I've seen this before , lots of bonus spins and little return , however in this case a pretty nice return on a minimum bet.

  5. 500 or more spins regardless of bet is a jackpot 8 of 10 times. u got screwed bigtime man

  6. to take money after 400 spinning is dangerous. I have had very low payment. So, you have done right .For $0.45 cents you have won 1000X. The slot gives not good combination of pictures for low bits.

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