**MEGA BIG WIN!** 50 FREE SPINS!🍺Bier Haus WMS Slot Machine Bonus

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**MEGA BIG WIN!!!** 50 FREE SPINS!🍺Bier Haus WMS Slot Machine Bonus
Bier Haus Slot Machine Huge Bonus win on free slot play! My first bonus of the day! I was wearing my lucky Vegas Low Roller T shirt! Playing for Albert slot and Shinobi Slot! Bier Haus isn’t as friendly to me as King of Africa slot, Mystical Unicorn Slot, and Napoleon and Josephine slot but I will keep trying for a jackpot! The old school slot is the best version!

WMS Slots are some of the best casino slot machines to play! I plan to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada soon to play some different WMS Slots like Jungle Wild 3 Slot and Nordic Spirit Slot!

I am Slotman777 and I enjoy classic slot machines! Thanks for watching! Best of luck and play responsibly! Be sure to comment, like, subscribe , and share for more great 👍 content! It really helps me out I work hard to create these videos at my own expense! Gambling is a losing proposition in the long run always play within your means!

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**MEGA BIG WIN!** 50 FREE SPINS!🍺Bier Haus WMS Slot Machine Bonus

34 thoughts on “**MEGA BIG WIN!** 50 FREE SPINS!🍺Bier Haus WMS Slot Machine Bonus

  1. What an awesome win on a dollar bet. Thanks for sharing have an awesome weekend. It’s got to be the shirt

  2. OG Bier Haus 🍺🍺 is the Best! The dream setup 😍 and what a way to start the day! Congrats 🤑🤑🥳🍻👍.

  3. YES!! Fantastic Bier Haus bonus! Getting 50 spins with + those sticky beer mugs lined up like that is so rare! Congrats on the bonus win! Your 1000X bonus win goal will be tough, but I look forward to seeing you do it! 👍🙌😀

  4. Nice upload my friend. Great run on bier haus 🍺. Have a nice day🍀.
    I have a big win on mystical unicorn🙏🏻.
    Greetz SS Slots🇮🇹

  5. Hi Slotman777, a fun run and nice wins! We like beer, especially with our pizza!🤠 More luck for you!😁

  6. I was betting .80 and got like 7 wilds mugs locked and 60 spins and finished out with a $680 bonus, was pretty epic, I loaded $10 in free play too to win that lol

  7. That really was a sweet win!! Hope you get that 1000x next round! Best of luck! Great video! ⭐️🤩💚🍀🍻🎰

  8. Gotta love locked wilds! That was a great bonus a retrigger would of been epic but still great bonus.

  9. great win on Bier Haus, I'm glad you had on your lucky Vegas Shirt! great video

  10. Yes its really lucky shirt bring up Lucky day for you.Such a winning of those Beir Haus.Congratulations and More more winning

  11. Happy to see you win my friend! Keep winning best of luck and take care 🙂👍

  12. Wooo hooo amazing bonus on Bier Haus my ! 🤑 gotta love the locked wilds feature in the bonus on this game and great opportunity for a lot of spins! Great video my friend and best of luck to you on getting that 1000x bonus 💙😎

  13. Hey Slotman! Epic game with amazing music bro. Congrats on a winning session and love this Bier Haus machine, cannot play it without a drink in my hand 🤣🍻👈 Have a fantastic weekend my friend! Great shout outs too 😎👍

  14. What a great setup! Too bad Hans didn't show up for a full screen with all those wilds!. Yesterday I finally was able to go the casino here in Finland, and what a blast it was! I went in with 200€ (double my usual start), and on my second spin of the night got a 125x win on Pirate Ship on 80 cent bet! After that I switched to Napoleon and Josephine, and after quite a lot of spins got a 24 spin trigger, which handily paid just over 200x also on 80 cent bet. Decided to switch back to Pirate Ship, and boy was it the right move. 5th spin on 1.60€ bet got a full screen of skulls for 800€!!! A bit of a cold streak followed, but just before the casino closed on 11pm ( normally 4am but earlier due to covid), I hit a beautiful 240x win on 2,40€ bet Mystical unicorn! Left super happy and with 1000€ in my pocket!! Only bad thing was that my favourite machine (Jungle Wild 3 with life of luxury top box) was closed because they had half of the machines closed due to covid 😛 Love your content, keep it coming my man!

  15. Great bonus run session. Enjoyed watching. Big thumbs up. Hope the luck continue next session slotman 🤗🍀👍

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