MEGA BIG WIN!. “Flying Fortune Slot Machine” ( 5 cent denom)

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This is my biggest bonus win on this kind of slot machine “Flying Fortune” by Konami. I never thought, I would get almost a full screen of bonus. I just recorded the best hit lines, ’cause a bunch of free spins pay nothing, watch the full video, you will enjoy every second of it. thanks.

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MEGA BIG WIN!. “Flying Fortune Slot Machine” ( 5 cent denom)

8 thoughts on “MEGA BIG WIN!. “Flying Fortune Slot Machine” ( 5 cent denom)

  1. Awesome win. 672X amazing. Thanks for sharing this vid I enjoyed this slot but I am not a big fan of any oriental themed slots. I stopped playing them a long time ago -it seems that all the ones that I used to play graduated from the Hoover University. Entertainment value 10/10 . Thanks

  2. Nice video just wish you showed the line hits as they happened, or like a spin before they happened

  3. you're a lucky son of a bitch, I have never hit anything like this ever, I have been gamling for over 20 years.. **** you!!! Not even legal I bet…..

  4. Shiiiit, 295 free spins and all you got was $672. That was a let down you of had a jackpot on that like couples of thousands.

  5. i rekemen company ni id yang senang dapat jackpot
    i dapat cuci 8k dekat company ni lagi ada bagi tips ,janji bayar 24jam cuci services ,baik

  6. haters don't realize you only bet $1, that's 672x which is amazing. If you had bet $5 it would've been over 3k.

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