*MEGA BIG WIN!* FORTUNES ABLAZE | 200+ FREE SPINS! MAX BET! Slot Machine Bonus (Konami)

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HUGE WIN on Fortunes Ablaze by Konami. Started off with 15-20 free spins and retriggered for 200 more! As with all Konami game of this game type that allow you to win mega free spins (at 2X pay during the bonus), most of the free spins are duds so you really need just a few full screens w. stacked premium symbols for a huge win. The other heart-pounding option (well for me it is LOL) is to take the plunge and go for the mystery credit prize while the max prize is still high. Which option did I pick? See what happens!

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*MEGA BIG WIN!* FORTUNES ABLAZE | 200+ FREE SPINS! MAX BET! Slot Machine Bonus (Konami)

40 thoughts on “*MEGA BIG WIN!* FORTUNES ABLAZE | 200+ FREE SPINS! MAX BET! Slot Machine Bonus (Konami)

  1. i have given up over 250 spins i got a fullscreen on a similar game spinss werent working out hit the credit button and boom ! jackpot for 1300 happy but would have rather had hit in the spins its just funner

  2. Congrats on the awesome bonus! and the credit pick! You are featured on our Top 5 Slot Videos of the Week!

  3. I certainly hope that in 2016 I'll get to make the decision whether to take 200+ free spins or go for the credit prize. Last year, I did win 255 free spins in an older version of Lucky Fountain but there was no option to trade them in for a credit prize but I rode them to a 390X. Maybe Mayan Chief or a version of China Shores will give me my chance. Nice win, Albert!

  4. nice win Albert, I don't think I could ever take the credit prize with that many spins, but then again I've never gotten that many spins lol.

  5. Great, great win, Albert!!! I think at that point I would have done the same thing lol! Congrats!!! 🙂

  6. That option credit prize was GREAT! I had a machine with 300 spins and did not know, not aware of this option. I now know it did have it, It took sooo long to get anything, next time- if this happens- I will!

  7. Again All of us don't know WHAT the Max Bet is. SOOO I guess it was a nice win if you had close to the max bet. If it was half the max bet, that was a great win, if it was less then have the max it was a spectacular win. Fist up, Fight for Truth.

  8. 400 x credit prize. wow. rewarding considering free spins were so poor. paid you fairly on this occasion!

  9. Interesting, didn't know you could change after you started spinning, but I really don't play these games. Congrats!

  10. Awesome win! I wish I had some of that credit prize luck… i always end up getting min credits lol. I like going through some of the games and credit prizing the rest.. i may have to try that!

  11. That's was crazy good Albert. Congrats. When spins are enough it's enough. Well done.

  12. Great win Albert! Does look like a fun slot. If you get chance check out my channel 🙂 Playing online slots with some decent wins … Occasionally 😉

  13. Good job Albert! I think you did the right thing, but would I? I don't think so, cause my bet was good, it only takes one spin to make that difference, and thats me, but good for you! I like this game too… Congradts..

  14. I don't think I could have sat through any more of those dead spins than you. Risky choice but it sure worked out well! Nice job Albert!!!

  15. Nice! Sometimes you just gotta end the pain of watching the spins not pay. Glad it paid off!

  16. I've noticed these 100 – 200 free spins don't necessarily mean a big score , and the China Shores machine is notorious for that behavior.

    You made the right choice in this case which is what I would have done having seen poor results in regard to other folks who hit hundreds of free spins and let it play out.

  17. Congrats Albert that was a fabulous win. If I see this in Vegas I'll definitely give it a try!

  18. I'd say you made the right decision! Your spins were looking low for a pay out. I have not won enough spins on these extra reward machines to even use the credit option but I may try it in the future if my spins are not paying out.

  19. Smart choice, God I can't stomach through all those dead spins sometimes…congrats sir!

  20. Albert, I like your videos a lot. your voice is very soothing to hear while the game is playing. keep them coming.

  21. I won huuuuuge on this game in Caesars palace in Vegas! I won 2 sets of 200 rolls and another of 45 rolls, my total was $3039.00 last night in town! 🙂

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