**MEGA BIG WIN!** Great Eagle Returns WMS Slot Machine Bonus

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**MEGA BIG WIN!** Great Eagle Returns WMS Slot Machine Bonus
A very tough slot machine that has huge potential! Watch my battle to get a Mega Big Win on the Great Eagle Returns slot machine by WMS G+ Deluxe gaming! Also featured is the the Alexander the Great Slot Machine.

I am Slotman777 and I enjoy classic slot machines!
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*******Always filmed in a REAL CASINO no BS here!********

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**MEGA BIG WIN!** Great Eagle Returns WMS Slot Machine Bonus

40 thoughts on “**MEGA BIG WIN!** Great Eagle Returns WMS Slot Machine Bonus

  1. Awesome slot machine great video quality production 👍👋 like friend

  2. Great video! Love the music and graphics, fun wins too! Hope you hit a huge hand pay soon, lots of luck!🍀😎❤️😀✌️

  3. Love it low betting high winning great hit congratulations 🎊 continued success and blessings Cha Ching

  4. Wonderful win Slotman 😃 imagine if those other 2 5xs connected!! Stay safe thanks for sharing

  5. Nice slotting adventure today, Cheerz to your Big Win! 🙋‍♂️🥂🍾🥳
    Keep Spinniing and Winning….

  6. Congrats on great hit win on Great Eagle Return. Have a nice and safe weekend slotman777 👍🍀🤗😷🌻

  7. Thanks for the shout out bro, too bad the lady didnt land on the fifth real for the 25x that would’ve been a real awesome win, despite it already awesome

  8. Excellent hits slotman. I liked playing Great Eagle in the G+ range. You've had some luck on it. Good stuff. Thanks for posting.

  9. Hey one of your favorite game. Nice win my friend. I hope your staying safe at the casinos. LIKE #64. 👍👍👍

  10. Great Eagle Returns is very tough. I lost a lot of money on Saturday even by playing 30 cents a spin.

  11. Beautiful hit! Love the potential in this game. 400x on a 4-of-a-kind and if only that reel 3 eagle had just been one space up. Congrats!

  12. I love games with multipliers. There you go with two 5x's. To bad the other 5x's didn't hit something as well. Awesome bonus. The last bonus was great as well. A big thumbs up and continued good luck my friend.

  13. Not sure if anyone has said but you can change your bet multiplier on the screen as well down there center bottom where it shows you your current but there’s arrows on either side

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