40 thoughts on “MEGA BIG WIN Queen of the Wild Slot Machine Bonus Round Free Spins

  1. Has anybody else ever noticed how often when these machines give you a good bonus pay hit it is at the second to last spin?

  2. nice win but a max bet would have broke the bank. but…. winning is better than losing. for sure

  3. The probabilities of hitting the same spin are the same if he had been betting max or lowest bet possible. In theory, his win would have been 5 times this with a $2 bet. The amount you bet is not supposed to affect the outcome of the spin.

  4. All these high tech computer video games are so easily disabled and enabled it will make your head spin wifi manipulation systems. wms

  5. Damn there are a lot of haters y'all must be the ones who cant win ****. Stop hating and move the **** on. Good win on a 40 cent bet

  6. LOL!!! Over 600X the bet is not a great win??? Man there are some serious simpleton asshats on the web. I guess to some people,its not a good win unless you pay taxes on it lol…. I'm not one of those people, good win.

  7. I think he means that he wouldn't have hit it because he might not have had the credits.

  8. nice i have hit this before the same as u in all the spots besides top left i know it was long ago but nice

  9. its funny to see all these people max bet and lose all thier money and then they are betting minnimum.just sayin….

  10. I know this well, you just blow 400 with 4 euro bet in the machine and got nothing, then you are frustrated and bet 80 cent and bam, you get this. Really disgusting. The 40 line queen of the wild is a giant bitch!

  11. I would love to have some one record a real video of them pumping in hundreds of dollars and getting nothing…..

  12. Even if you are in max bet if the outcome to pay out is 200 it will pay you out 200 bx anyway

  13. This guy is smart by betting just 40 cents. kudos to you. You should go to the casino just for the entertainment

  14. Lol wow on max bet of 4 Dollars that would have been 2,600 dollars. Still cool though 😀

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