Mega Joker – JACKPOT HUNT – 8 hours in 22 minutes

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This was one of the craziest sessions I’ve ever streamed, I played Mega Joker for 8 hours almost straight to try and get the jackpot and while there were some good moments the total was a brutal loss.

In general when I blow this much money away on online casinos I get pretty tilted afterwards but in this case I wasn’t as the Mega Joker jackpot was one of the highest I’ve ever seen. On average the Jackpot falls out on SEK 170,000 (€17,000) and this time it was almost 4 times as big. Which makes the RTP in the long run way above 100%.

Mega Joker will still be my favorite slot machine and I’ll for sure play it more when I’ve been running good, hopefully I get to see the jackpot reach these amounts again.

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Mega Joker – JACKPOT HUNT – 8 hours in 22 minutes

26 thoughts on “Mega Joker – JACKPOT HUNT – 8 hours in 22 minutes

  1. Spoiler alert The fudging jackpot went out 2-3 hours after I was forced to stop playing. Hope we'll ever see it this big again…

  2. what a night it was loads of fun watching you chase a fortune and who knows maybe next time you get more of these streams plz

  3. It must be conflicting if you want to spin in the upper or lower reels when JP gets fat n juicy, haha.

    It states that the overall RTP is 98,9%, but does it take into account the capped wins on the upper reel? Therefore the RTP should in practice be lower. Just a thought. Hope da joker releases the JP for you someday!

  4. What a fudging good night with you two except the fact that I was really tired the day after. Much love ❤

  5. I was so hoping you won that monster jackpot…. wait till it's that high again when you stopped, spend 10000SEK if you lose just leave it. Loved the video 🙂

  6. I cant handle this game for more than 5 minutes. I use it to hit and run mostly. Tough luck but next time maybe.

  7. I know where you got that "ankle-spin" from!! 2:28 in.

  8. Not a fan of any videos played in SEK currency. Need euros or dollars. I just view SEK as play money

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