*MEGA WIN* – China Shores **Slot Stories** “Taking One for the Team”

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Here is an awesome offering on China Shores Action Stacked Slot by Konami. This is my first time receiving so many spins on the China Shores slot game. I have achieved more spins on the other ones, Roman Tribune, Quest for Riches, etc. but not China Shores. I even take “one for the team.” You will see what that is about in the video. Enjoy and leave comments if you so desire. Enjoy!

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*MEGA WIN* – China Shores **Slot Stories** “Taking One for the Team”

12 thoughts on “*MEGA WIN* – China Shores **Slot Stories** “Taking One for the Team”

  1. For the first and last time I chose the instant payout on the left of China Shore with the first 3 lines of all ying-yangs on a $1.50 bet. The win range was from $40 to over $1,600. My payout was $44.36, I vowed to never do that again!!! On the other hand, just the other day I had 1 in the first row and the full next two rows = 80 free spins on a $1.50 bet. My 10th free spin in I hit a full screen of turtles = $1,500. A few spins later I retriggered for another 280 spins, then another retrigger for 200 spins and a few more here and there totaling 630 spins. My final hand payout was $3,120.00! I'd never have gotten those 500+ extra spins choosing the left side!

  2. I played China Shores today at Maryland Live Casino. Put $10 in and played 40 cent bets. On my fourth bet the machine awarded me its $363 maxi bonus. I guess that bonus is random as my reels added up to nothing.

  3. i play this game all the time..got them all but 2…it can go either way..with the spins or credit prize..sometimes you can have hundreds of spins and still not get ****…sometimes you can pick the credit prize and walk away with the maximum..it just all depends on your luck!

  4. I agree, getting 300+ games is not easy. My mother in law will spend at least $400 to see her screen full of games.

  5. That unfair with 524 spins &that high of bet pay only 3 hundreds dollars some is so low I with cry for that, but then you got pay back from another bonus……wishing you more good luck next time

  6. Does anyone of you know where I can buy a china shores machine, similar or the same to this one?

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