39 thoughts on “MegaBucks 10 Million Dollar Top Jackpot Prize! At Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Casino!

  1. Good luck young lady I Would by a house for me and my daughter and son in law and our babies 2dogs and 1cat and my Big mama turtle 💓💓🙋😍

  2. Hi Natalie, it's always fun to play megabucks. Someone's got to win, right? If I won I would buy a jet to get to Vegas or Florida to see my son. Then I would build housing for the homeless in los angeles. Let's hop.

  3. Angel Alert! At 4:44 as I fast forward through while watching on my tv, the video shows double stars, triple stars, Megabucks.

  4. I could find you good river bottom land for a photo worthy horse ranch in the snake river valley for half that and Nevada is 48 miles to the south lol😂❤

  5. Wow ! ..👈😏
    You look great 😎👍⚘️

  6. Hello Beautiful Friend Good Luck Always From Your Friend In Michigan Tam 💜💜

  7. Someone's gonna win that $10M+ clams so why shouldn't it be the Lady in Red? 😇🍀

  8. hi slot hopper nice wins my turn to buy dinner u pick, have u been resting i hope so how is your trip so far, i got my box wed thank u thank u bud said thank u too. the pen is so cute and thank u for that wonderful gift u made me cry its your fault lol that was so special to us we will let u know what we do my friend love u deb😘💜💙💚🧡🤟

  9. Hey sweet lady, I hope you’re doing great. I’m missing Vegas & gamblng soo bad. I hate Texas 😫. I told Paul I spend hundreds on flights, by the time I pull the handle on a slot machine🙈🙈. You’re on fire & congrats on the 19K🥳🥳

  10. I’ll be your deckhand on your sailboat⛵⛵. I would buy that cute bungalow house by downtown Vegas on 6th street and walk to the casino. 😁

  11. Hi., slot hopper ,David & Mom… good luck 🍀👍 from Duncan Oklahoma.✨✌🏻✨

  12. I just got this recommended to me. Stopped in just to say. If you actually watch people play slots on YouTube. MAN YOU GOT A PROBLEM

  13. Slot Hopper, I hope to see you in Vegas sometime! I’m going down on May 24!

  14. Fun to watch the chase! Gosh if I won over 10 million I would get you that sail boat! ⛵️🤗❣️

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