Mystical Bayou Slot – *HUGE WIN* – 4 WILD REELS x?? – Slot Machine Bonus

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Mystical Bayou Slot – HUGE WIN – Slot Machine Bonus Feature
Here is a surprise win on the tough game Mystical Bayou. I was playing a Konami multi-spinner…that yielded great results…so I was walking past this game and decided to once again give it a try. I wasn’t expecting much, however, the machine had a different direction for me. First and foremost…I DID NOT RECEIVE A HANDPAY…however, I was so close … I could taste it – LOL. I hope you enjoy the short but very profitable bonus feature. Please remember to thumbs up, subscribe, favorite, share and tweet. Your support is always appreciated and accepted. ENJOY!

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Mystical Bayou Slot – *HUGE WIN* – 4 WILD REELS x?? – Slot Machine Bonus

12 thoughts on “Mystical Bayou Slot – *HUGE WIN* – 4 WILD REELS x?? – Slot Machine Bonus

  1. Damn that 25x 🙁 grats on getting this though! Super rare, I play this all the time, got it once ever and it was 25x.

  2. Thanks for asking. I'm grateful for the prayers they help me. Been off chemo for a minute because of another surgery but I get to start this coming Thursday, lucky me. Keep the prayers coming. Trust in God is everything.

  3. Pretty cool, and on the last goddamn spin too…quite amazing, I'd say! Congrats!

  4. Great hit!  I've played this one a lot in the last few weeks trying to make something exciting happen but it has yet to give me anything thrilling.  The potential is gnawing at me!

  5. great win…i hit the 4 girls on $4. bet, random symbols on 1sr line…100x, paid roughly $16,000.00.

  6. no pics but was super excited.. thought it was 1600..someone else said it was 16000. casino in Iowa not super camera friendly

  7. I've started uploading my own slot machine bonuses on my channel, as you know, I told you about my $900 FU DAO LE win, but I never thought about this issue….
    Is it really against the rules to record your own slot plays??

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