11 thoughts on “Mystical Mermaid $6.00 Bet with Bonus Free Spins and HUGE WIN Slot Machine Live Play

  1. The treasure chest only lands on the first reel it is hard to get at times. When you do get that you have to hope a mermaid lands as well, the more mermaids the more free spins you get. Also you got 4 seahorses, they are the highest paying symbol if you had gotten 5 it would of been a handpay. Lol and when you got the hit and said $124 I laughed cause you are playing at 5c. Very happy for you.

  2. great video congrats and as a fellow canuck I watched your vegas trip video and I enjoyed them as well 😀

  3. Also if you are interested. We have a special event in April hosted by Desirae Krogmans the Best Slot Hits. We would love to have you. For more info, please visit their channel, or their facebook page! Hope to see you there!

  4. those sea horses are about as notorious as ravens in wicked winnings, hence why they pay ridiculous

  5. Were can I dwnload the android version of this game.just love it.I cant seem to find it any were.only the new version is available for download.plz help.

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