MYSTICAL UNICORN Slot machine AMAZING BONUS WIN (Full screen #14)

Mega Win YouTube Video Information:

This is Wms gaming Mystical Unicorn slot machine $1.50 bet Huge Mega Big Win bonus round.
I haven’t played this game long time but I saw someone had full screen yesterday on this so I had to try it today with $60 in, I’m glad I did. Enjoy.
This is my Full screen #14 on this game.
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MYSTICAL UNICORN Slot machine AMAZING BONUS WIN (Full screen #14)

12 thoughts on “MYSTICAL UNICORN Slot machine AMAZING BONUS WIN (Full screen #14)

  1. You may be one of the luckiest players posting on Youtube. This is just one of your many incredible bonuses with a lower bet. 

  2. thats the only reason to play this game is the full screens because nothing other than unicorns pay nice win

  3. I know, I know… You're about to get more comments like "Hey dude, why didn't you bet $2? instead of $1.50?" or "Man, that's bull****… You should have been paid WAY MORE than that!" or "I really hate this slot. You SHOULD play blah, blah, blah…" or "How much you'd lose (gambling) compared to that win?" or Wow, what a great win, BUT, why didn't you take that money you gambled with and donate it to and orphanage or something instead?" or "Aww, that sucked!!! No 2nd all rows of unicorns in that bonus? I had that at this casino once blah, blah, blah…" or "Hey. I love your channel. Where do you play? (STALKER!!!)" or "That was cool, BUT, I saw someone win get that line hit, BUT ALSO, got the Major and Minor progressives AND THEN a few minutes later hit that same line hit and progressives again on another Unicorn slot (Person who enjoys making others feel pain with envy.)" and, well, you know the rest.
    A Long Time Fan (Who Would Have Bet Max… Errr, Sorry, I'm Just Being A Jerk.),
    Wolfy 🙂

  4. This is such a wonderful game when the full screen of unicorns shows up. I'm glad you  played it and had such good luck.

  5. Always love the sound of the music when you first hit a full screen. "outstanding!" 😉 congrats on a great win

  6. i listen to people at barona hit this darn thing all day when I am one aisle over on zodiac sisters plodding along. So last week I played. Three huge almost complete unicorn across the board hits. Never bet more than .50 but made 262

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