12 thoughts on “MYTHS & LEGENDS ~ Mega Meltdown ~ HEARTS & DREAMS BIG WIN! Slot Machine w Neily 777 at San Manuel

  1. I won $500 on the mega meltdown but moved machines and lost it all I should kept playing

  2. Nice win Neil. Finally made it to our Maryland MGM and did really well last night. I hit a $299.70 Jackpot from a 30 cent penny machine playing only 30 cents. Can you believe when I was betting higher I nearly lost all my leftover money. As soon as I dropped by bet to 30 cents with $1.71 left, I hit the jackpot for that machine. Needless to say I cashed out and put the money in my Winners Bank and left the casino and came home. 😂 I told Debra that I was going to tell you about my win as soon as I got the chance. Here's hoping you hit it big as well.

  3. Well done , Neil ! Congrats ! Love your videos ! Thanks for sharing .

  4. I love that Quick Hits Game. I've gotten 3 Quick Hits many times at Horseshoes Indiana but never on one line! If 2 Quick Hits keep coming around then normally 3 will hit. I've put in $300 at the most to win $1000

  5. Nice hit on Hearts & Dreams & Quick Hits! I think if you get all hearts in first progressive you should win that amount then 2nd one etc. 💖

  6. catching up on your videos. fun to watch variety once again of games played by you. interesting. good luck for all your slot plays

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