11 thoughts on “NAPOLEON & JOSEPHINE slot machine 35 spins Bonus and MEGA BIG WIN!

  1. You did it again. Good job on this tough SOB!

  2. awesome blueheart! I need to learn your secret on this game because it always takes my cookies! can we get some intel – how you always win on it?? :))

  3. You must have gotten, by now, to the point where if you don't get at least 30 spins on Napoleon and Josephine Slots and a win of $500 or more, suspicious of a malfunction the machine might have. You have broken all statistical probability of winning this many times on the one slot the casino put on the floor to insure the casino still makes a profit every day that always makes up for all the wins per day others have had on all the other slots in the casino. Anyways, I'm on enough drugs to kill a rhino, so whatever I just said probably didn't even make sense. But Wolfy doesn't stop commenting no matter what. So haters of Wolfy's long comments and ridiculously long run on sentences with no point whatsoever often just done to hear himself babble for dangerously narcissistic satisfaction, **** off!
    A Big Fan,
    Wolfy 😉

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