NAPOLEON & JOSEPHINE slot machine 50 SPINS bonus and MEGA BIG WIN

Mega Win YouTube Video Information:

This is Wms gaming Napoleon & Josephine slot machine 52 spins bonus round and Mega Big Win line hit. (2 videos)
It’s always fun and exciting to get 5 bonus symbols in any game but I hope they meant something better. You never know where that big win hidden.
If you like to play this game checkout playlist on my channel and watch 14 jackpot wins and mega line hits on this game.
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NAPOLEON & JOSEPHINE slot machine 50 SPINS bonus and MEGA BIG WIN

12 thoughts on “NAPOLEON & JOSEPHINE slot machine 50 SPINS bonus and MEGA BIG WIN

  1. This Machine is SO Tricky and the more spins it seems the lower the Bonus Payout! GREAT MEGA WIN on the END!!! Congrats! Fun Video! Thanks for Sharing!!

  2. I always think of some of the amazing hits you have had on this math model.  Over the years, I keep trying … but have no luck!  You are the master!  Congratulations!

  3. I play this  game and make 300 to 900 everytime. Unless just a cold machine..YOU HAVE TO STOP THE SPIN ESPECIALLY ON 51 FREE SPINS. YOU LOST AT MINIMUM 500 DOLLARS IN FIRST 20 SPINS/ I also stop spin in regular spins 80% of time.. You look at top of reels catchem as they come…

  4. Absolutely not true that stopping the spin on new generation of slots, wms go to the computer generated last screen you see when you push stop spin..This applies to old 3 reel and such slots. Even the corporation WMS slots will tell you this .Williams interactive corporations placed a stop spin button on the machine for a purpose.Does the machine sometimes slide the end screen(one of the reels) you get when you see you stopped clearly to catch it . sure it does. Again if you are not stopping the spin on WMS slots your advantage decreases…Think why is the button there for ****s giggles????

  5. someone comes to you and says, you can make money gambling, don't believe that donkey, because no matter how much you win, you'll lose it all, even if you buy something with your winnings. You will never forget that moment when you won that big amount of money, and will definitely go back to play. Before you know it. you'll end up selling it all to chase losses. I hope we all get out of this fantasy world very soon.

  6. The only place I've played this in SoCal was Rincon (Harrahs) and it wasn't very good to me. Glad you're winning.

  7. Esa máquina es muy traicionera a mí me han salido en 50 +50 20 en unas sola tirada y no he ganado más 200 dólares

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