13 thoughts on “NAPOLEON & JOSEPHINE slot machine 70 spins bonus/ MEGA BIG WIN (2 videos)

  1. OH! That machine was teasing you so many times, seem like casino (fixed) oops, bonus spins! You did win 100x. But lower your bet a what a show!! CONGRADS!!!

  2. This game is truly yours. I cant tell you how many times I have sat in front of this game for like 4 hours straight and lost hundreds of dollars. Even if I do manage to get tons of spins I can never get more than 4 reels ! Congrats!

  3. Well that line hit definitely made up for that bonus! Very nice win on NJ!

  4. that's awesome! I spent $200 in one day to walk away with $360, four hours later…. witch is best to play for the bets small or big?

  5. Nice Blue very nice. Mommy love to get a lot of spins in any game. LOL i enjoyed your line hit. I got a good one i posted a day ago on the queen of the wild. Congrats to you.


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