NEW Himalayas Slot ** £30 Mega Spins **

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The Himalayas slot is the latest release from SG Gaming in Coral bookies. I started off on £2 spins, but pretty quickly changed up to the more expensive £30 high roller games. For the £30, the lower card symbols were removed, and only two bonus symbols were needed to trigger the free spins, rather than the usual three.
Visually it’s certainly a well made slot, although I did hit a bad run so it was difficult to see it’s full potential.

The bonus video was for a £100 jackpot slot called Balls Fun Drop! It’s not often a new £100 game is released in the bookies, so I gave it a little go.

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NEW Himalayas Slot ** £30 Mega Spins **

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  1. do a dogs race in betfred please is on the machine shout out please living in czech

  2. Very sorry to ask this – what's the difference between compensa ted and random? I thoght all bookies' slots had to be random.

  3. You will like the new luck of the Irish free spins game mate latest game in up here in Newcastle it will be down in London soon

  4. Didn't really like himalayas might go on bank list can you play lobster potty all or nothing or big bets

  5. Hi mate I'm addicted to watching your videos now but I hardly know anything about u , tell us about the man behind the camera lol

  6. Think it's hard to hit two on mega spins is always 100% tease city on normal stake play never comes in

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