Pink Ice – DOLLAR DENOM – LIVE PLAY! – Mega Hits Slot – Slot Machine Bonus

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Pink Ice – DOLLAR DENOM – LIVE PLAY – Mega Hits Slot! Slot Machine Bonus

Here’s a game I discovered while looking for something different to play – lol. No one was playing this bank of machines, so I had all 12 machines to myself…I picked the Pink Ice Megabucks game. I really like this one. If you land a multiplier, it transfers to the top reel and hopefully you get something to match. I hope you enjoy the Live Play bonus with a WIN! Please remember to thumbs up, subscribe, favorite and share. Your support is appreciated. Thanks!

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Pink Ice – DOLLAR DENOM – LIVE PLAY! – Mega Hits Slot – Slot Machine Bonus

10 thoughts on “Pink Ice – DOLLAR DENOM – LIVE PLAY! – Mega Hits Slot – Slot Machine Bonus

  1. Hi J! I have been on a marathon watching all of your videos and I love them all. This slot looks so fun and I would love to take my little brother to play it for his 21st birthday this weekend. What casino's do you play at in Atlantic City? Most of the slot video creators play in Vegas and I am very curious as to which ones you recommend in AC. Thanks!

  2. Is this the same as the wheel of fortune one?  We have 2 of these attached to a wheel of fortune machine.

  3. Very nice! I haven't played 3-reel IGT in ages it seems. Nice multiplier feature…sorta reminds me of the Bonus Bubbles IGT slot game where you have the same setup w. 3 reel sets. Glad you had the discipline to hop off at a good stopping point 🙂

  4. Good hit! Thanks for sharing Mike, I'll give this one a try if I spot it as I like to play a bit of MegaBucks each trip. 🙂

  5. Thanks for posting, you have some nice wins, would consider playing it now thanks to you 🙂

  6. While this is definitely not my genre of game … it does look better than some of the previous WAP games in this series.  Thanks for posting!

  7. Gotta hit those dollar machines once in a while when You feel it LOL:0
    You did well
    More Luck to You !!!

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