18 thoughts on “Queen of the Wild JACKPOT MEGA BIG WIN Progressive WMS 5¢ Slot Machine

  1. Happy belated Birthday! I was also at San Manuel on my birthday but didn't win anything quite like that. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Do they only have 20 lines on those? or where you not playing all the lines? I've seen them range from 30-50 lines have yet to see a 20 line one though…

  3. Actually GameJ, there are several nickel machines with 50 lines in Las Vegas. Admittedly, I do not play a great deal of penny machines, I am a video poker guy myself, but in Bellagio, MGM and Mandalay Bay, I have seen mult-denomination penny slots where 5 cents is the max bet on a 50 liner, making $2.50 the total bet for the spin. I'm no expert, but that is the same as playing a 50 cent video poker machine which I do on occasion, and I am certainly no high roller. 🙂

  4. Was just wondering if it had 40+ lines or not.. If I was winning I'd play 50 line nickle machines. I've Treasure of Troy in Nickle version 80 credits for all lines and features… I guess it depends on the casino but $2.50 a spin is not high roller.. $5 slots is lowest denomination I've seen in high limits.

  5. Congrats and Happy Birthday. If you were near I would have treated you to dinner and dessert!

  6. I'll look for them in Vegas. Around here they are all 30-40 line penny machines Major progressive maxes at $500. I typically bet 120 credits a spin never won a major yet. But $1.00 for a chance at progressives that reach $1500? seems like a better bet IMO

  7. I always try to go to the casino on my birthday because the last 3 years I have hit jackpots.

  8. @imznedo
    haha yeah I know what you mean. You need to find an awesome casio. This one rocks, best I've found. Had an awesome run yesterday. Check it out here -> bit.ly/QtGOXw?=ifqllq

  9. Congratulations! Nothing like getting a hand pay! And on your b-day, no less! AWESOME!

    I've had many hand pays over the years, (obviously,…WAYYYY more losing trips than winning ones) but one of my FAVORITES (not biggest) was when I was in the navy. Was making $210 a week, put my FIRST $20 in,…2nd spin, hit the jackpot for $4,360! Girlfriend(now wife) made me give it ALL to her to hold. Was "mad" at first; happy in the end. I'd have probably spent a good deal of it!

    Congrats again!!

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