Quick Fire Jackpots – PROGRESSIVE WINS – Slot Machine Bonus

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Never have I mentioned nor celebrated any of my YouTube milestones. Well, that’s all about to change.

I have reached one of my two goals. Once the last one is met in a week or so, I will feature a Super Mega BIG WIN! on a fairly new game…Stay Tuned!

Quick Fire Jackpot Progressives by Aristocrat
I finally had the opportunity to play this game…and I have mixed feelings about it. From my experience, it’s all or nothing. You get plenty of features, or a few Progressives. I was able to trigger the bonus feature three times and my wins were too embarrassing to post for my standards! However, I have a couple of Progressives that I am showing today.

If you would like to see how the bonus features works, please visit Albert’s Slot Channel. He has a great bonus feature that he is showing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuQK8g6q680

Tell him I sent you – LOL.

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Quick Fire Jackpots – PROGRESSIVE WINS – Slot Machine Bonus

5 thoughts on “Quick Fire Jackpots – PROGRESSIVE WINS – Slot Machine Bonus

  1. That was a fabulous win , That goofy Aristocrat Music just makes you want to spend more $$ LOL Marketing 101 😉 Very Good Luck to You always !!

  2. Nice double whammy hit! Sorry that the Electric Boogaloo bonuses weren't as nice (thanks for the plug though!). I'm excited to see what Super Mega BIG WIN video you have coming up. Can you drop a hint on manufacturer at least? 🙂 Congrats again on all your recent success with your channel! 

  3. Nice progressive wins Mike, I dumped way too much into both machines at Coushatta with nothing to show from them, hopefully next time, congrats on your wins!

  4. played this weekend- max bet was $7.50-no one was hitting at that bet-played at $2.00 hit a bonus and won about $27.00. Glad you did better!

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