Raging Rhino Rampage Slot – GREAT SESSION, 50-SPIN WHEEL BONUS!

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ONLY $50 MEGA PAY BETS on the Raging Rhino slot machine by Scientific Games!

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Raging Rhino Rampage is a great update to the classic game where you win by landing the same symbol in two or more consecutive reels from left to right depending on the symbol, just like in the classic Raging Rhino. There are 3 different features that have been added to make this game unique though!

The “Rhino Rampage Feature” can occur on any spins where certain random reels are expanded and certain reels may have extra wilds added to them.

The Free Games Bonus is triggered by landing 3, 4, 5, or 6 bonus symbols for 5, 8, 15, or 20 Free Games initially, but you then get to spin the wheel for more spins or even Progressives!

Finally, you may play the game in “Mega Play” mode where for 1000, 2000, or 5000 credits you get 3 free spins where after each spin any bonus symbol that lands, locks where the goal is to trigger the bonus over these 3 spins, a cool feature indeed, and that’s all I play in this slot video, Enjoy!

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Raging Rhino Rampage Slot – GREAT SESSION, 50-SPIN WHEEL BONUS!

40 thoughts on “Raging Rhino Rampage Slot – GREAT SESSION, 50-SPIN WHEEL BONUS!

  1. Tim, I wish I'd get lucky enough to sit down next to a friendly guy like you! I always get stuck next to crabby people who hate life. I'm always excited for them when they get a big hit or a bonus and they don't even acknowledge that I'm talking to them! You seem like a truly nice guy…and extremely lucky!!!! Keep up the awesome videos! I look forward to them everyday! Finally got a little of your luck last week. Down to my last $25 and sat down at a machine, saw the machine next to it had the major maxed out at $1,000 so I switched to that machine. Betting $1.00 and BAM, the Major dropped!!!! Yea Baby!!!

  2. Takes a lot of courage to risk $50 on this game but it came through for you. $281 win with 88 free games. You always do it, no matter what you play. Wish I had your luck/skill.

  3. Eh. It's entertaining I guess. But dangerous. You got a LOT of spins on two of those bonuses and it still didn't really pay. And yet because of the game design and the time it takes to play out, it's very successful at "fooling" you into believing you're doing better than you really are. When you think about it, $267 is less than 6X your bet. For me, a certain amount of volatility is my friend. It gives me a cash-out point that a game paying out frequent 2X to 10X hits, but only extremely rarely anything better, doesn't. You got lucky here, but you could have just as easily played 5 or 6 spins and not gotten a single bonus. Then what do you do – try again and hope to hit an "amazing" 80-spin bonus to break even? Would not want to get "hooked" on this!

  4. Good vid, Thank you for pressing the button to speed up count up it makes watching videos so much better.

  5. Pretty interesting way to do a $50 bet, glad it payed off for you and always love retriggers I mean who doesn’t right?! Yet another great video and neighbors chatting with you can be cool too! Thanks again for the umpteenth time for the content you give!

  6. good job bud !!! low bonus tho especially for fiddy bucks !!! keep sending ur vids man i enjoy watching u make it enjoyable ty man #stillwaitingformysteak

  7. Not quite as ringy-ding cussy as SDguy (LOL!) But I definitely like your positivity – Good channel!!

  8. U R absolutely correct. Not as volitile as most. But it does pay something back. $50 a spin . That’s not even your money back. Ahh well

  9. 80 spins at 50 bucks n only almost 300 won?? Never again would I play that game. The winnings are a rip off. You should have won over a 1000 bucks easy at 50 bucks. The payout makes no sense

  10. 80 spins at $50 a spin and you get $300. you get that on a $3 bet…. Id WRECK that machine with a baseball bat. and then shoot it. f that.

  11. Great session for this game. But there is no slot machine that pays as little as Raging 🦏. 7 top symbols times 3 pays less than $100. That's ridiculous.

  12. Es un degenere este juego 80 partidas gratis y apenas 280 dolares .analizo tus videos y nunca ganas un buen tiro

  13. Nice Run..I have played this game and the Asian Clone for Hours at my Local this way…Mostly $10 and $20 Best some $50's and have done decent most of the time. I really enjoy playing that way. I got the $50 spins at $10 and won a little over a Hundred. Got the Mini once. Good Luck and great Video

  14. I am a slot designer. There is no advantage to playing a game as opposed to a regular slot with regular bonus "trigger" mechanics. All slots have an RTP ( return to player) .. which can range from 92% to 98% ..ish.

    The overall RTP is the same for a game like this, all that happens is you shift the RTP split from base game to bonus, In short, you are winning less money from base game spins, and more from bonus game spins.

    For example, in this game let's say you trigger bonus 1:4. That means at a $50 bet, you spend $200 to get to the bonus on average.

    In a regular game, let's say a bonus is triggered 1:200 >> At a bet of $1, you spend the same amount of money.

    The difference is you get all the wins from the 200 spins in the regular game plus the bonus. In the Mega version, you get wins from only 12 spins ( 3 x 4) and the bonus.

    It will work out to be the same amount of winnings at the set RTP.

    Hope that help 🙂

  15. You are great to watch! The rhino game is amazing. I can’t find it anywhere!

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