12 thoughts on “Raging Rhino Slot 2 bonuses -Mega Win 5 bonus Symbols

  1. not even close to a mega win. alot of retriggers but it has to be 500x to be considered a mega win. This win wasn't even 200x

  2. Pretty crappy video to be honest. Also not that great of a win. Better luck next time, though!

  3. I love how all these random people that we don't even recognize normally in comments all of a sudden have something negative to say and dislikes galore as soon as they have a slight opportunity….

    Nice trigger and nice win. Damn this game is hard!

  4. Dude try to keep the camera steady. The vid made me seasick. Nice hit though. The rhino is a tough bastard to get good hits on.

  5. depending on the machine, a mega win can be anything. it doesn't need to be 500x. i have a lot of $10 big wins. i don't consider it a big win, but the machine does.

  6. This video should come with a barf bag for those who get motion sickness.

    Win Rating: 1/10
    Camera Rating: Horse****/10

    Say no to crack.

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