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  1. Just played the slot version of this game.. highest I went was £40 spins but got like the king pop up and won £800 and £1200, it’s good game but feels addictive when winning

  2. You clearly don’t know the game 2 spins aren’t worth £18 ????? Take no less than 16 spins

  3. Why don't u skip the part when it shows your win AFTER SAYING WHAT U WON? SHOCKING.

  4. God bless everyone in the world and everything and everyone gamble safely and responsibly 💕💕

  5. Last night I started out with 20 pound I’m weather spoons bought my drinks and then lost my money but had a spare pound I then won 15 back kept playing and bought a drink then I lost my 14 and then I was like I got 2 pound left and I bet it on one go and then those 7 spins paid out and gave me 75 quid 😂😜

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