Slot Machine High Limit – WHITE KING – £50 Mega Spins

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The White King slot machine has made its way from online casinos to Coral and Ladbrokes FOBTs on a £500 jackpot. I played this on £50 Mega Spins as you get 70 wilds per reel, but it doesn’t tell you how long the reels are. You also get an extra spin with two bonus symbols, which is a nice touch that it doesn’t tell you about before you play. Not a bad slot, and I liked the gamble.

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Slot Machine High Limit – WHITE KING – £50 Mega Spins

40 thoughts on “Slot Machine High Limit – WHITE KING – £50 Mega Spins

  1. It only gives 5spins if you are lucky to get free spin bonus. For £2 spins and mega spins, giving win lines of £0.2 is absolute rubbish. It probably counts towards 90+% payouts calculations.

  2. What a **** game..£50 spins and peanuts for wins and you have to gamble on a spin of a playing card to have the chance of a good win…terrible format for slot…:(

  3. not sure if you cant find it but would it be possible to play Indiana Jones game please and could i possibly get a shout out pretty please best wishes from a long time subscriber and please could you tell my wife Michelle she is my world and i love her so much that would make my year 🙂

  4. Can you play on Spinata Grande next time or Thunder Crash…. must say your very brave playing £50 spins.. but very entertaining can i have a shout out please 😃

  5. It seems you have better days on the igt slots in betfred than on the coral ones. Would you agree?

  6. Pure gold video mate still watching them even if the shoutouts almost gave me cancer !:)

  7. great vid, can u play some redhot wilds. played it a few times. pich the purple fruit for 2x. i always seem to get profit on it. can be boring but massive potential haha

  8. hey Guys how about giving me some subscribers to my channel' support a good cause in life simply by sharing my story please… by the way Stop and step' another great video….. without your videos people would not know what these games are like.

  9. HELLO DUDE. Loving the uploads and can see you don't gamble on the gambles, good man. shout out with the famous hello dude my favourite the one and only stickman. good luck 🍀

  10. Your videos are as boring as Hypalinx at the moment mate ! Just don't start with the ****ty blogs he does !! Good luck on next game son

  11. Is the national gambling helpline number next to the slot supposed to help you with picking in bonuses?

  12. No stop n steps vids are top of the pops in my opinion, he keeps it real, & generally knows when to walk…

  13. white king is a pretty good game on regular play. I figure getting a bonus on mega spins would make it worth it eventually. Just as long as its not capped at 500

  14. How can you afford to keep playing these machines you must be poor or very rich or somebody is paying you to play them that's what I believe all the vids u have uploaded you wouldn't be able to afford to play them and lose that kind off money and why gamble wins that's so greedy mate

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