Slot Machines – How to Win and How They Work

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Slot machine video from casino expert Steve Bourie that teaches you the insider secrets to winning at slot machines and how a slot machine really works. Also, includes answers to the most popular questions that people have about how a slot machine works.

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Slot Machines – How to Win and How They Work

40 thoughts on “Slot Machines – How to Win and How They Work

  1. It's not true don't listen them if you don't want to loose money don't play 🙂

  2. How they work: You insert money (purchasing "the dreams"), that you cannot afford to lose. The machine takes it, and you lose. You immediately regret the foolish thing you did.
    How to win: Don't go to a casino. (Casinos are designed specifically for you to lose.) Be thankful you didn't. It's a gift that you chose wisely. It's also a gift that keeps on giving.

  3. I dont believe regulatory bodies ever monitored thousands of casino machines if it fairly give the percentage winnings to players. If u you cant control ur self dont play anymore 90 percent u will loose ur money and no one will save u from preventing it but u. I believe casinos is a devil in ur lifes hardwork finances…. Just think first if u can handle loosing ur hard earned money that was earned for years and will just be gone in a blink of an eye.

  4. So the casino can flip a switch so you don’t win and even know who’s playing? It’s 2022 now

  5. You can't go into a casino and expect to win millions of dollars. It's tough enough to win $5.00. Set your limit, and plan to leave when you've lost half of that and try to get a free drink. Enjoy yourself, have a good time with friends. Watch a game on the surrounding tv's and get a bite to eat or see a show. It's that simple!

  6. Why then in some places certain machines have a better jackpot release than others

  7. Why aren't you a billionaire if you know the secrets? BEEEEECAUSE you are part of the agenda.

  8. What's he going to say?
    We have full controll of the machines and every payout.
    It's not random.
    We even have players on the floor being paid by the casino to make it look fair…

  9. Woow .. 90% everybody in the world going to slot machine dude , heheee,.. That guy professional lie so seriously hemmn.. exelente lier

  10. I have to disagree with a few points he mentioned. First.. I have seen machines pay out big or give a jackpot. Then after that they just seem to take take take for a while after that . As for predetermined outcomes for choosing symbols. I would say for sure 100% . It does not matter what u choose , most of the time you will get the lowest . least best result for your choice. You just need luck for sure. Most of the time they suck big time , but you can win if the planets are lined up in your favour. Also if it is in fact random , then how does the casino achieve the 90% return to players ? If random there could be any outcome. It is rigged for sure. Don't listen to this guy. And don't play $1 machines. you will lose your house. The casino might give u a free drink for losing your house. is that fair ?

  11. The Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma has large rooms filled with servers. So, yes, the Chickasaw Nation can and does “tighten” the machines.

  12. Great information but the thing we need to remember within the random generation and odds, that the casino can still pull the plug on any given machine if a machine has been idle for a few minutes. a casino at any given time can write a new schedule for any particular machine say if a guy gambles a lot they can write a new, hotter schedule for a particular machine he is about to sit at, the screen will flash quickly either way if they were to do this.. Most casinos already do this with different players cards, different colored cards for different gamblers, depending on how much they gamble. I called a few gaming commissions and the one in Missouri was the most honest, she said within whatever percentage, I think it's 80 percent in Missouri the casino can do whatever it wants from the back room. The only article I have ever found on this is treasure island in Vegas that the manager controls "it all" from the back room. while you are playing they cannot change payout denominator but some casinos want that law to change as they can modify the experience to make it more fun or keep a player longer. I for one think this would be an ok idea as I hardly ever gamble anymore because it's no fun. Or maybe I don't gamble enough for them to tweak my experience. But as it stands if a machine has sat idle for a few minutes you best bet a casino can do anything with the backroom computer screen, contrary to what most people including people who work in a casino with tell you or even know. I love it when they call is random number generator, yeah sort of….

  13. Thx for all your videos. Question – Do cruise chips pay out at a different % than land based?

  14. Do not interview managers and engineers, interview technicians they know best. I am an slot machine and poker machine technician when we talk on pay out ratio 85-98 percent means in every dollar you put 15% is an automatically profit for the operator means the more you put money the more you lose until you end up empty. Remember this nobody buy a house nor build a house who thinks they can beat the machine instead they end up selling thier is a game of fortune means if you win it is just a pure luck…..

  15. Nice video helpfull im going to play tonight last time i won $15

  16. Nunca se le ganan estan programadas.a tantos miles de monedas dan un premio es un engaño

  17. His statement about the near miss deception is not the whole story
    On a 3 reel machine, like double Triple diamonds all the symbols are colored 7s or a 2X or 3X symbol… or a blank space
    when you play it always shows one blank space between the 7s and the Xs. But the way the random generator table is set up there is more like 3 to 5 blank spaces between each paying symbol. If the wheels were mechanical you would see all those blank spaces and MOST spins would be all blank spaces on the payline, and above and below the payline. MOST of the time the entire display would be blanks.. maybe one 7.

    But because its a computer display, when a blank space hits the payline it skips the other 3 or 4 blank spaces and shows you the next paying symbol above and below it.

    It LOOKS like the symbol you wanted is just ONE OFF from winning. Its not – it could be 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 off because they dont show you all the empty spaces in between the paying symbols.

    Its not cheating, but it IS deceptive. This is why you can put $100 in a $1 machine and play 100 times in a row and not hit a single win. The odds of lining up three winning symbols are about 1 out of 20 for a $10 win, 1 out of 50 for a $20 win, one out of 100 for a $50 win….. But it keeps looking like you just missed by ONE SPACE.

  18. I disagree with his last comment. Bonus round features are all predetermined! I’m sure most of you here have won the “Mini” bonus most of the time. Higher bonus wins are rare and hard to win! Any feed back about this?

  19. I don't believe it. A lot of work goes into working out the phycology of the players. That's how they can guarantee you will stay even after a win and put it all back into the machine. There's nothing random about it. That's why people end up with gambling addiction. There's more than technology in these machines. There's phycology. Also the % payback differs from the US and over here in Australia. Apparently the % payback here is lower. It can be dialed into the machine.

  20. Cool but we’ll have to write block as every other line of code or casinos have no future with fruities

  21. I make my living with statistics. Thank you for such a succinct and accurate presentation about how regulated casino gambling works! I see and hear so much nonsense that ends up harming players financially.

  22. Tight, concise, and informative! Youtube needs more videos like this!

  23. slot machines are absolute ****, you have to be retarded to play one and think you will make money

  24. Just remember folks–This video is 12 years old so what happened 12 years ago doesn't necessarily apply today.

  25. I lose in slots machines only in ?EQC $1'000.000 dollars over in Washinton state…??
    how can't take back that money???

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