**STAMPEDE EXTENDED!” – MEGA BIG WIN! – (Casinomannj) – Slot Machine Bonus

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**STAMPEDE EXTENDED!” – MEGA BIG WIN! – (Casinomannj) – Slot Machine Bonus

Sometimes things don’t work out as you expected, but, it all works together in the end. The first game … Jumbo Wilds…I did LIVE PLAY at MAX bet hoping to get something. Poof…there goes the first hundred bucks…and the next hundred was about to go…then I triggered the bonus feature and the end result was pleasing. Same thing with the last slot feature. I wasn’t having a great day…but it only takes one hit to save the day. Glad it did work out! Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, like, subscribe and share. Your support is always appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy 🙂

Samaurai Secrets
Buffalo Stampede


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**STAMPEDE EXTENDED!” – MEGA BIG WIN! – (Casinomannj) – Slot Machine Bonus

12 thoughts on “**STAMPEDE EXTENDED!” – MEGA BIG WIN! – (Casinomannj) – Slot Machine Bonus

  1. Great wins, and wow, what an awesome non-Buffalo hit at the end! Sucks it wasn't at your usual betting level, but hey I'm impressed regardless. Congrats!

  2. Very nice one hit wonder! Stampede loves dishing out those wins on 75 cent bets, they seem to be absent at the higher bet sizes, lol! Congrats!

  3. 75c bet? That's not like you! You usually bet big! You must have been losing bad that night!

  4. I wonder if its possible to get more than 3 multipliers on Buff Stamp?…..awesome hit on 75 cents..congrats!!!

  5. That Buffalo bonus line hit was awesome for .75 bet!
    Congratulations and thanks for all your entertaining slot videos.

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