12 thoughts on “Super Big Win Mega Big Win Slot Bonus Marathon with Roulette

  1. Nothing like watching an old bandit vid ! first time on G.O.T before you realised the copyright wankers would mute it haha ! forget how long i've been watching now until i look back at theese vids

  2. Another great vid my friend love ur channel u need to get a few bandit tshirts printed and give them away as bumper prizes
    Plz can u play hansel and gretel if u get a chance plz
    **** THE HATERS AND entertainingRS

  3. Great to see a bonus packed vid off last year Bandit!
    I loved all the Bruce Lee bonuses as well. I used to play it loads.
    I once got four wilds but was on 30p stake. It paid me 300x.

    Have Casumo confirmed I used ur link yet? Soz I can't remember.

  4. interesting to see how you have changed over 2 years..great vid..as usual.lacks your 2018 commentary humour…

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