Ted Megaways Slot MAX MEGAWAYS IN Bonus BIG WIN

Mega Wins YouTube Video Information:

Why are you getting so excited watching big win videos on you tube, don’t you know that they are all FAKE #fakebigwin. Those that are trying to get you to join a casino are using fake big wins, fake bonus hunts and have an affiliate access to the back end of every machine, they fake their excitement when the bonus spins in, but they knew it was coming, its all FAKE FAKE. designed to groom others into gambling #gamblinggroomers. Stop watching gambling videos on you tube because the content cannot be verified, they are all at it, all trying to get you to visit their website to join a casino with some special offer that is designed by psychologists to suck you into gambling, DON’T BE FOOLED, you are being groomed, these people are no worse than drug pushers #gamblingpushers
The wins are fake, the excitement is fake, the money is fake.
Please like this video, because the f~$%£^% gambling groomers are giving them all thumbs down. Subscribe and join the fight against these immoral pushers.

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Ted Megaways Slot MAX MEGAWAYS IN Bonus BIG WIN

4 thoughts on “Ted Megaways Slot MAX MEGAWAYS IN Bonus BIG WIN

  1. Here I show you how they entertaining it, they all have special deals with the casinos to access the back end and force any win they want.

  2. I've gone gambling free since 10th October. The feeling of tranquility is amazing, no more feeling anxiety and constantly trying to win.

    Ive taken a life changing decision not to gamble.

    The impulse to gamble in high Street bookies / online slots and play lottery come every now and again, and I see these impulses off.

    These impulses are a result of years of playing online slots and being mind controlled by these evil companies to just keep pressing start again and again.

    Im a lot more wiser now, thank you Doctor Pi (-:

  3. I've also joined Gamstop its took over my life ever since I got a PC 16 year back…lost thousands & thousands!!

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