Thai Flower Slot Machine £20 Mega Spins

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Thai Flower Slot Machine in Coral Bookies, Played on £20 Mega Spins.

The free spins bonus on the Thai Flower slot machine is great, so I decided to try it on £20 mega spins in Coral bookies. For £20 you get 5 spins plus an increase in percentage to 94%. When you hit a win of £5 or more the Thai Treasures bonus will is awarded, this will then award a multiplier on the win up to x5 or some free spins from 8 up to 15. I’ve only played it once but it seemed OK.

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Thai Flower Slot Machine £20 Mega Spins

40 thoughts on “Thai Flower Slot Machine £20 Mega Spins

  1. Nice to see the feature come in frequently, sometimes it can take ages to hit

  2. Be careful with this one guys. I put a ton in last week and was only playing £1 a spin. I didn't get the bonus once. 🙁

  3. Fantastic result mate!

    One quick question.

    Who does the "HELLO" Stickman voice? 😀


  4. stopnstep that was funny you saying another spectator 😄😄😄.I don't like peoples sitting on my shoulder's when I'm having a game. funny tho.

  5. u start with 300 quid to Play with that's ridicules in a bookies why play in them holes when online u can win thousands off 20 pound super spins seems strange for the amount u spend in bookies I just can not work out why

  6. Burrito will be lucky for you mate on the fortune spins. Shout out when u do please

  7. Did you have a granny with you for luck? Those grannies are very lucky on Thai flower. If your over 80 and smell of piss your bonus symbols will be ladies, elephants and temple with a total win of about £500. Seems to happen off about £20 too

  8. This machine can pay but normally just take take take I reckon the rtp is nearer 60% than 95% haha

  9. there are a few in the east end of London that have about 4 machines and 50 people around them lol sometimes only one is being played.

  10. Mr S+S I played your favourite slot Reels of Gold at £2 a spin online. Gambled free spins to 100. Won £780. Go figure

  11. I worked in a bookies for 3 or so years and the thing I miss the least are the 'characters'. Having to give them a cuppa only for them to then chuck it in the bin and pour special brew in the cup. Great vid as always! Shoutout please dude.

  12. good play man….trevor in the background is an absoulute legend….I could and have listend to him for hours….he is a raphic looser and an animated winner…granted a little muff sounding…but hey well done bud…give us a shout next in the muff we can find trev and a place he aint banned and have a giggle….get on

  13. hard luck to not get a lady symbol during the free spins … but still a good result never the less

  14. I like Thai flower and play it regularly but tend to find in the bonus the symbols don't make too much difference only once have I had the lady the elephants and houses and that didn't pay anything special. Strange game and can always tell when someone's had a feature because when you get 2 flowers the 5th reel stutters and can't come in

  15. there's a betfred near me where at least 20 people watch each other play, all borrowing from one another to keep playing, until all are broke….really they are beyond help and so should ban themselves like i have, but they seem to enjoy it lol

  16. Am I the only1 to watch these videos n constantly buffer any other Channel I watch doesn't do it often as this it's taken me 15 mins to watch 5mins

  17. I’ve just watched this again further down the line and the “spectator” is the “well done” guy from this year hahahahaaha

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